How to make the most of your visit to a fair

Planning your visit to our fair couldn’t be simpler. Pre-register online, read the guide below and plan your day.

Before your visit: Questions to ask yourself
  1. What do I want to study in the future?
  2. What is my current academic result?
  3. What is my budget? 
  4. Do I want to live in a big city or a small town? (e.g. London or non-London)
  5. Check the exhibition website, which institutions will be there? 
On your visit :Questions to ask institutions


  1. What courses can I take based on my academic background and interest?
  2. What are the entry requirements and application materials? 
  3. Can I apply for more than one course or university? 
  4. When should I start to apply and what is the application deadline? 
  5. Do you have any partnering agent you recommend? 


  1. How much are the tuition fees and living costs? 
  2. What are my accommodation choices? 


  1. Can I work in the UK while studying?
  2. Are there career and employability support on campus? 
  3. Is there are any local alumni I can talk to?